What Basketball Shoes have The Best Grip?

Basketball shoes look very much unhappy if they don’t have grip in them. Besides pulling you to grab it, the pair has another job to do which is pulling the court to show its traction. Because basketball game doesn’t only need players, basketball or the court, it needs shoes that will have the best grip to give the best performance. So, let’s check out which one we can opt for!

What Basketball Shoes have The Best Grip

What Basketball Shoes have The Best Grip:

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2016

Nike Mens Hyperdunk 2016

The moment Hyperdunk was released by the Nike in 2016, it created a much hype for its revamped design. One of the features that will absolutely charm you is its traction. The reason could be its rubber outsole or could be its multidirectional tread pattern, but people found it excellent as it grips well while you play on the court.

Besides, you will also love its Zoon Air technology that helps lessen external impact while making the response time quicker.

Moreover, its Flywire fibres will also be there to give your feet a secure fit for its lacing system. However, some people found the pair a little heavy but that should not disappoint you.

adidas Men’s Mad Bounce

adidas Mens Mad Bounce

If you want a pair that has earned ten-on-ten for its grip, you can take a look at this Mad Bounce by adidas. It’s a mad pair that offers you “chromosomes” style traction pattern so you enjoy the complete control of your movement without causing any slippage. Although, it has been stated to have a little heel slippage while making cuts but that doesn’t affect the performance.

Having designed with fused mesh and knit upper, this pair comes with forged panel on the sides so it can provide you extra lateral support.

It’s cushioning is satiating as well and also can be the reason why we call it Mad Bounce. The pair is an awesome combination of a lot of bouncy ride, responsiveness and impact protection, thanks to its cushioning system.

Under Armour Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

Under Armour Mens Ua Curry 2.5

In the race of the basketball shoes having the best grip, Under Armour’s Curry 2.5 does not trail behind as well. For its rubber outsole as well as its multidirectional herringbone treads, the pair has gained a lot of love from its users for its amazing grip.

Besides excelling its traction on the court, the pair also offers comfort and support coming in high-top style. The Charged Cushioning system also impresses greatly since you will experience great shock-absorption feature from the pair for your comfort.

Although, the pair has been engineered with external PU shell to make it long-lasting product, but some of the users found the bottom coming out unglued that can raise the question on its endurance.

Reebok Zig Energy Ref

Grip of Reebok Zig Energy Ref Basketball Shoes

Zig Energy by Reebok will not only provide you tons of energy but also will stun you for its outstanding grip. The brand has placed its rubber sole strategically that hits on its grip to provide you strong traction.

Moreover, its padded collar and tongue will also be there to comfort your feet with its cushioning system while its ZigTech zigzag sole has been equipped as well for the same purpose. The pair has mesh tongue that will keep your feet cool due to its ventilation system. Not just that, its synthetic shiny upper will also be there giving a glossy look to define its chic look.

However, the fitment can be a little issue since it runs smaller. But if you go with one size bigger, it can fit you well.

DIY Methods To Make The Best Grip

DIY methods are not only convenient techniques to add grip but also very effective to bring a positive change in pair.

Vaseline: You can also call it a traction enhancer but since we use it for other purpose so we thought to write on it separately. However, before applying it to the shoe, make sure you clean the pair thoroughly and it’s completely dry. Then, apply the Vaseline and use toothbrush to spread it.

Sandpaper: You can also use 40 to 60 grit sandpaper to add traction to the shoe. You will just need to rub the bottom of your shoes with the sandpaper for about 10 minutes then see the magic.

Accessories To Make The Best Grip

In addition to DIY techniques, you can also grab some accessories that will help improve the traction so that the pair can give better performance for longer time.

Traction Mat:

You can have a traction mat so you can step on it prior to the start of the match or practice and add grips to the shoe. In this case, Courtside Shoe Grip Traction Board by StepNGrip can be the best option. It has adhesive surface that will stick to the bottom of your shoe right after you step on it. Not only it will take out oil or dust from the pair but also will clean your shoes properly. The bonus part is that this board also has scuff which is an abrasive pad so that you can scrape your pair and expose new traction system to excel.

Traction Gel:

Traction gel can be a great factor to make your shoes more grippy. Although they will work for 10 to 20 minutes at a time, but the gel will help you a lot in making sharp turns, quick movements as well as diving on to the ground so you can excel on the court. For this, you can think of having one from Court Grabbers as their gel is great for this purpose. You will just need to lace a base strip on the pair and put about three light lines of that gel on the traction pad. After that, slide the traction pad on to the base strip and then you are good to go.

Wrap up

When the court is found to be dirty and slippery, it is expected that a grip-less pair can lose all your confidence on the court. And that is why, you do not only need shoes having the best grip but also require all the accessories and stuffs to add traction to your pair. We hope that you get some help from the write up so you can boost your confidence plus performance by adding such feature.

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