Under Armour Lockdown 2 Review

After getting a lot of love from the users for offering their popular product lockdown, Under Armour went on a mission to release the second version of the same model. The best part is that not only you will find a couple of dissimilarities between the two versions but also find the latter one to be very upgraded. And if you are a basketball player and in a dire need of a pair, then this under armour lockdown 2 review can be of great help.

We have tried to highlight all the features that the shoes own, so reading the write will not waste your time.

Let’s see the Under Armour Lockdown 2 Review


Under armour left no stone unturned to make this pair of shoes the best in the market. And you can guess that right away from its materials. Since the brand has used mixed materials for the shoes, you will find it great to use. The upper has been made up of leather that makes the shoe durable and waterproof. So, even if you play the sport on wet terrain, it will not get your socks wet.

Lockdown 2 also comes with synthetic overlay that coats the heal to get you added structure. Not just that, it also has ultra-durable mesh tongue that allows for great airflow that you need during the game.
However, some people have highlighted about it having a plastic kind of material that happens to peel away after a couple of use. They also got disappointed since they didn’t find any way to fix it.

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Under Armour Lockdown 2 Cushioning

One of the most essential factors of a pair is its Cushioning system. If you want your feet to get enough support, you definitely need this feature. And when it comes to Lockdown 2, the feeling is mixed.

The brand has incorporated it with Die-Cut Eva sock-liner so that the shoes can give underfoot cushioning. Meanwhile, the midsole has been injected with molded EVA through which you can get further support with its lightness.

But there are some people who were found to be disappointed at the moderate amount of cushioning especially on the sole that resulted in hurting their feet. Having said that, majority of the people were found happy with its cushioning system.

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Under Armour Lockdown 2 Traction

A basketball pair without traction is like a fish without water. It might not make any sense but it’s true. Since the sport involves a number of quick movements and activities, your shoes will have to have enough grip to control. And with this Lockdown 2 model, you can expect more than you wish.

The shoes own herringbone traction pattern that looks like a fish skeleton but is amazing for letting you have multi-directional movements. Such pattern is placed side by side so it can form angular waves for covering the while rubber outsole.

Speaking of rubber, you will also find it durable to endure all the abuses. And this also indicates that the shoes have much ability to absorb shock and intense impact. And since the feature makes the shoe great for sure-footed lateral and linear movements, this is able to be the best product for basketball.

Not just that, you will also love its great responsiveness that makes it one of the best basketball pairs to have.

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Lockdown 2 comes with high-cut ankle collar so that it can offer added snug and support. Coming in textile material, the collar seems pretty durable. For a secure fit, you will have its lacing pattern so that you can tighten it snugly to show your worth on the court.

Although the shoes come in a size range from 7 to 16, but some people said that it ran more on the large side. So, if you want to have an ideal fit, do give it a go while buying it. Because, a wrong pair can give you a lot of drawbacks.

Who is it for:

Since the lockdown 2 has clearly stated it to be for ‘Men’, so it is going to be a wrong pick for ladies. Although, if you are a lady reading this, you might want to try the women version of the same model that comes in US 12 size. However, the shoes are great for all the players starting from beginner to pro. So, even if you are a kid or an adult, you can still think of taking this pair into consideration. And we also have a detailed review of How to Choose Basketball Shoes you can check this out for better results.

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Upsides of Under Armour Lockdown 2:

  • Leather makes it a waterproof pair.
  • The combination of leather and synthetic make the pair durable.
  • Ultra-durable mesh tongue for great breathability.
  • Die-Cut Eva sock-liner for underfoot cushioning.
  • Molded EVA midsole for better cushioning and lightness.
  • Herringbone traction offers multidirectional movement with better grip.
  • Ideal for sure-footed lateral and linear movements.
  • Great responsiveness and shock absorption power.

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Downsides of Under Armour Lockdown 2:

  • Plastic surface might peel away after a couple of use.
  • Moderate cushioning might disappoint you.
  • Might run on the large side.
  • Not ideal for all the women.

Let’s Watch a Video Review of Under Armour Lockdown 2

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Frequently Asked Questions about Under Armour Lockdown 2:

Q: Are the shoes heavyweight or lightweight?
A: The shoes are not heavyweight or lightweight, they are basically middleweight shoes.

Q: Can you play basketball with this pair?
A: Of course, the shoes have been designed especially for basketball players. Not only the shoes have enough traction for sure-footed linear and lateral movements, but also it has enough cushioning and support to offer for your benefits.

Q: How much does the product weigh?
A: the lockdown 2 weighs around 12.18 ounce.

Q: Is it an ideal pair for kids?
A: The shoes come in a size range from US 7 to 16, so you will have to get one depending on the size of the foot. The shoes have been made both for kids and adults.

Wrap up:

Just like all the things have both dark and bright sides, this under armour lockdown 2 is no different. But if you minus the bad parts, you will realize that this can be a great pair for your basketball play. It has enough ability to make you show your worth on the court with its amazing performances.

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