How to Wear Basketball Shoes Casually? Pro Tips By Shoes Consumer

Anyone can rock the look in basketball shoes. One does not have to be a professional player to wear the pair. This means you have all the right to wear it casually and look chic and stylish at the same time.

Different brands provide a variety of basketball shoes that you can wear at casual times. Even if you are not a player, you can still own them for such purpose. It’s just you need to know the way of wearing the shoes casually.

So, here in this write, we will answer the most important question which is:

How to Wear Basketball Shoes Casually?

how to wear basketball shoes casually

If you wear shoes with the correct outfit, it can make a very unique fashion statement. Whenever it comes to integrating basketball shoes into your casual closet, you will find some strict fashion no-no’s. But if you pair the shoes with a slimmer cut jean, you can rock the most easygoing look. Besides, you can also wear such shoes with some joggers or shorts if you want an extremely easygoing look.

If you find your shoes more of flashy and if they come with a number of detail, then it’s better to tone down the rest of your attire. Because you surely don’t want to look like a clown right!

In this situation, you can at least have some color scheme on your mind so that you can pair the shoe with your casual outfits.

Attire with Jordan Basketball Shoes

Air Jordan XI:

The Air Jordan XI is likely to be the most eye-catching lines of basketball shoes till date. In case if you ever visit Flight City, at that point you will realize how intense it isn’t to purchase a couple of these.

Tips on style:

While styling with the Air Jordan XI, try keeping your look bland. For an easy motivated look, decide on loose jeans with a dark pullover hoodie to pair with such basketball shoes.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Chicago”

Air Jordan Retro Chicago was apparently a standout amongst the most awaited shoes drops of 2015. Jordan released the Chicago colorway with the “Carolina” and “Shattered Backboard”, but while Chicago was sold out, the other two failed.

Tips on style:

Undoubtedly, Retro High OG “Chicago” is not really a basketball looking pair. The big plus is, you can pull off the look by pairing them with contemporary style rather than just street-wear. You can also think of wearing them with a camel coat and a pair of jogger to get a fine look.

Attire with Reebok Basketball Shoes

Reebok Question

The Reebok Question celebrated its 20th anniversary in the year 2018. Not just that, they also got all the praise to have made the most well-known non-air Jordan basketball shoes for the players. For their anniversary, the iconic shape has been upgraded with the iconic “Red Toe” of Allen Iverson.

Tips on styles:

It is stated to be a distinct pair of trainers. So, if you want to entice the trainers, then it will be wise if you keep the attire neutral. You can pair the shoes with a sport jacket or dark jeans to pull the look.

Attire with Under Armor Basketball Shoes

Under Armor Anatomix Spawn Low

Under Armor have been stated to be the best shoes for basketball sports since the pair has enough stability to help protect your ankles. Not just that, the sole also comes with great traction making it an ideal pair for the sport. So, it is not only a great pair of shoes for on the court performance, but also you can wear them off the court and look chic.

Tips on style:

Basketball shoes which are made for the sport happen to be quite a detail oriented for their design. When it comes to the pair of Under Armor Anatomix Spawn, it would be better if you wear them keeping your attire simple. There are many of the Under Armour models that tend to be colorful and vibrant, so if you want to look subtle, you will need to go for a muted look.

Attire with Nike Basketball Shoes

Nike LeBron 13:

LeBron James happens to be the most popular American pro basketball player who is renowned basically for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA which is short for the National Basketball Association. His signature line from Nike has been designed so that it can offer optimum explosiveness. Not only it offers a durable and solid feel but also provides cushioning and breathability to perfect the shoe.

Tips on style:

You can go with a slim fit trouser or black jeans to rock the look with this pair. Try keeping the top as plain as you can, because with this, you can bring the best look from your attire.

Nike Air Foamposite One

This futuristic pair of shoes had been backed by Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway and with his ‘Penny’ one-cent logo, the shoes managed to impress the peeps. Speaking more of the shoes, it comes in so many colors that you’re literally bound to get one which will suit you.

Tips on styles:

Although the shoes are not for all the people. However, the triple black one can be an easygoing pleaser. And if you want to pull the look with this shoe, then go for a long sleeve printed T-shirt with a pair of jogger so that you can get a look for the gym

In this video you can see the easiest way on how to wear basketball shoes casually.

Wrap up:

Since casual wear happens to be the most preferred attire for all the people out there, it is absolutely understandable that why would you think of wearing basketball shoes casually. Although most of the shoes are not meant to be used outside, but there are many brands that have designed the shoes in such that you can wear the casually even on outside.

So, if you think you want to look chic but simple by wearing the basketball shoes casually, then you can try out the tips that have been given above. We are sure, you will definitely rock the look!

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