How To Clean Basketball Shoes Properly – Pro Tips By Shoes Consumer

Basketball pair of shoes is a must-have thing for players nowadays. Everybody loves and wants to wear them and some even love to collect them as well. A lot of people have so much fascination for shoes that they clean their basketball pair quite often. It’s not like people wear these shoes only to games or any practice, they also go to regular places wearing them. If you don’t have any idea of how to choose the perfect pair of basketball shoes, then you can check this out How To Choose Basketball Shoes.

And it’s obvious that the moment you step outside with a pair, it is ought to collect dust and get dirty even after being much care about it. And for this, we came up for your help. Here below are given some pro tips which might come handy if you want to clean your basketball shoes.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes Properly:

The Do’s

how to clean basketball shoes properly

Remove Rocks:

As you will be wearing them outside most of the times, it’s normal to have rocks and small stones stuffed in the soles. So, remove them at first.

Dust Up All The Dirt:

Use any kind of soft brush or toothbrush to wash out all the debris and dirt particles from the soles of your shoes. However, better avoid the corners and the materials of the pair. And try not to touch those areas with the brush or else the shoe might even get dirtier.

Seek Out Soap And Water:

Use lukewarm water and mix detergent to it. Mix the two gently and apply it on the shoes with a clean and fresh rag.

Give A Good Wash:

Put the clean rag into the mixture and then clean the shoe again using the rag.

Dehydrate At Room Temperature:

Keep it at room temperature to dry out and avoid using any kind of heaters. Not just that, you should also keep it away from any sort of heat or else the shape of the shoe might get affected.

Look After The Laces:

Cleanup the laces with water detergent mixture or you can even put the laces away that got ripped off or torn down.

Let The Insoles Breathe:

Keep the insoles outside once you are done washing the shoes. They also need fresh air to breathe and be proper for the next time use. Moreover, once you are done washing it you can also put some baking soda into the soles so that there remains no bad smell in the shoes or even the insoles.

Keep Them At The Right Place:

After any game or match you must keep the shoes in some place where it can breathe. If you keep it in the bag or the place where there is no air involved, then the shape of the shoe will be affected. Not just that, it might also cause bad smell in the pair that you definitely don’t want.

Wear Them On The Court:

Although it is said to not wear basketball shoes outside the court, some still end up doing so. However, there are reasons behind the statement. The fabrics and the materials used in such footwear are gentle and they are not made to wear while at outdoor as it is not systemized in that way. So, it is better to wear it indoors. This will let the grips and colors not get affected by the outdoor exposure and the shoes will not get dirty.

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The Don’ts

how to clean basketball shoes

Basketball Shoes In The Washer:

Never put the shoes in the washing machine because the fabrics and the materials will not be able to bear the pressure of the washer nor it can take the force. So as a result the shoes will totally get damaged.

Basketball Shoes Near The Heater:

Keep the pair away from the dryer or the heater because as a result the heat might affect the shape of your shoes.

Strong Chemicals:

Do not use any kind of any strong chemicals to wash the basketball shoes because then the fabrics and the materials will get affected. Also keep them away from bleach as it has got some components from which the soles might get damaged.


Chemicals as such give the shoes the slipperiness which might not be very helpful during the game or the match. Rather use water and detergent mix. Also, check out if the detergent is eco-friendly or not before you use it.

Let’s watch a video review on how to clean basketball shoes properly!

Beneficial Tips

1. If you want to keep your white soles of the basketball shoes clean, then you can use a little bit of toothpaste to the mixture of detergent and water and wash it the way it has been said above.

2. If there is any dirt on your shoes, try to clean it on the very moment since there are some stains that do not go away so easily. So if you clean it right away, the stain will not there be on the shoes for a longer period.

3. Buy more than one set of basketball shoes. Grab a couple for the indoor court, a couple for the outdoor court and an extra pair for work and consistent wear. In the event that your shoe bands are starting to look somewhat worn out, supplant them. You would be astounded at how much a couple of new bands improves the presence of your basketball shoes. Keep a bundle of infant wipes in your bag. You can utilize the child wipes to wipe down your ball shoes each time you wear them.

So these are some do’s don’ts and tips that you need to follow if you want to keep your basketball shoes clean and proper.

Wrap up

Basketball shoes are a standout amongst the most critical bits of your possessions, so it’s vital to deal with them. On the off chance that you keep your shoes clean and fit as a fiddle, it should help keep your feet balance and firm and your appearance should look fresh, sharp, clean and proper. Basketball shoes give you a defined look which no other shoes can in comparative to others. So, when you are wearing them, be very conscious about the do’s and the don’ts.

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