How to Choose The Right Basketball Shoes (2020): Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

how to choose basketball shoes

One wrong pair of basketball shoes can lead to bad performance, to demotivation to worse performance to encounter of peoples boos. And just because you don’t have a proper pair of basketball shoes, you might experience such an incident. So, here we will tell you how to choose basketball shoes which will help you before buying a perfect pair.

This indicates that the basketball shoes play a big part in boosting your performance on the court. So, if you want to rule the court, then you will need to choose the appropriate one. But how would you get yourself the ideal one?

So, to answer the question, we have come up with some factors that you must take into consideration while choosing a basketball shoes. And such factors are shared below:

How to Choose The Right Basketball Shoes in 2020: Basketball Shoes Buying Guide


basketball shoes traction

Being a basketball player, it is normal to do some explosive crossovers and quick cuts since such sport involves a lot of quick movements. For this, you will need a pair that will offer superior traction. (who literally would love to have a pair that will slip you down every time you change your direction)?

There are Two Factors that Cover this Feature, and they are:


Different brands have come up with different patterns of traction. One of the most well-known patterns is Herringbone that features zigzag lines of rubber so that it can offer grip in multiple directions. Moreover, the pattern also has empty space between the rubber so that the sole doesn’t collect dust on its surface.

You will also find Honeycomb patter that has been used in many of the models. It mimics the outstanding uniform hexagons so that the pattern can be stretched horizontally.

Besides, another great pattern for traction has attract the players for offering the best grip. This patter is Power coral that looks just like some species of coral. It is stated to be the best when it comes to the traction for different courts.

Rubber Compound:

It is more difficult to judge the quality of the rubber compound than the pattern of traction. If you opt for softer rubber, it will be ideal for indoor but for outdoor use, it will be a wrong pick since it collects a lot of dirt. Meanwhile, if you opt for hard one, it will give you durability but it will not offer the same grip in pristine hardwood terrain. So, if you have choices between color-ways with transparent and robust outsole, you must opt for the second one. Because a robust outsole will not look nice but it will give better performance that you expect from the shoes.


basketball shoes cushioning

The importance of cushioning mainly depends on how heavy you are. If are someone light and short, then you might not need a lot of this feature. But, you might prefer the court feel and responsiveness. On the other hand, if you are someone bigger and heavier, then you are likely to put much pressure on your joints and for this you will need to have a basketball shoes with softer and better cushioning.

You will get a variety of technologies that use different kinds of cushioning system. Here are some cushioning techs that have been used by different brands.

Nike Zoom Air: Zoom Air is a kind of cushion system that tends to spring back quick so you can move quicker. Having incorporated by Nike, this feature fusions pressurized air with internal fiber to generate optimum responsive cushion system so you can feel a great bounce with the pair.

Adidas Boost: Boost features a combo of cushion and responsiveness so that it can give you softer feel and quick movement flexibility. Basically, you can get the boost from adidas in exchange of your energy.

Under Armour Charged Cushioning: Charged features a two-piece system that pairs a soft and plush layer of foam with a thicker and firmer layer of foam. Because of this, you can get to enjoy both support and comfort of such cushioning system. You can also check the detailed review of Under Armour Lockdown 2.

Jordan FlightPlate: FlightPlate comprises of double fire-power that helps enhance Nike Zoom Air while having the flight-plate sandwiched underneath the Air system. The cushion is used so it can help offer comfort as well as responsiveness.


Support is one of the most vital factors when looking for a basketball pair of shoes. As the sport is all about several different movements, you will need basketball shoes that will give your feet enough support, especially for your ankles.

If you want to enjoy the ultimate support, then look for a pair of basketball shoes that will restrict ankle movements. You can consider high-top shoes in this case. However, such basketball shoes helps a lot in offering enough protection that is needed on the court for averting ankle injury or soreness.

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basketball shoes material

Material speaks of nothing but the durability of the product. There are many shoes that used to be made up of leather primarily. But now times got changed. In the modern times, the brands make basketball shoes with mixed materials so that they can perfect the shoes. So, you can take the one that comes with a combo of synthetic or textile upper with leather materials.

Let’s Watch a Video Review about How to Choose The Right Basketball Shoes!

Styles of the Basketball Shoes

Low Top Basketball Shoes:

low top basketball shoes

Such types of shoes offer optimum flexibility while being very light. You will find them ideal for guards who wish to feel light and agile on their feet. Low top basketball shoes also make a great pick since they don’t add unwanted bulkiness.

Mid-Top Basketball Shoes:

mid top basketball shoes

Mid top happens to be the blend of low and high tops. Mid top basketball shoes offer features of both the other types. So, you will get to enjoy both mobility and flexibility from lows and protection from the highs. It is very ideal for wings or forwards who do not want all the flexibility of lows but also dislike the bulk feature of highs.

High Top Basketball Shoes:

high top basketball shoes

High top basketball shoes offer a lot of ankle protection as well as support. Not just that, if you want a pair with well-cushioned feature, then you can take high top shoes into consideration. This is for the people who don’t even mind sacrificing a bit of flexibility in return of more security.

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Wrap Up:

We hope that you enjoyed this complete buying guide on how to choose basketball shoes that will definitely help you to before buying a perfect pair of basketball shoes. And if you thought it valuable, then don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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