10 Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2022 [Detailed Reviews]

Does plantar fasciitis kill you inside on the court just because it gives you dire pain after each move? Is it affecting your performance and decreasing your confidence level? Then no worries! Because you are in the right place! In this article, we covered the 10 best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis that will help you to reduce your plantar fasciitis pain.

And we have some of the best basketball shoes to highlight so you can forget the pain and play with confidence.

If you are someone who wants to make them happy, then have a look at this write because we will talk about all the shoes that will give nothing but enough support, cushion and durability. You can also check this out our detailed reviews on, the 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards that will help you to get the best basketball shoes for you.

Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis in 2022 (Our Top 10 Picks)

Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Men!

1. Adidas D Lillard 2 Men’s

Adidas D Lillard 2 Men's Basketball Shoes


If you wanna make your feet happy then D Lillard 2 can be the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

It is stated to be the most technically advanced pair that comes with the Torsion system to make it ideal for anyone with flat feet but still wishes to play basketball.

This tightly woven shoe also features other innovative technologies such as adiPrene+ that is there for better cushioning system. And the big plus is that such technologies also make the pair a very responsive one during impact and heel to toe transition.

Speaking of Bounce technology, the padding feels super soft on the feet and thus offers unique strength to them. So, you are going to feel more than comfortable once you wear the pair.

When it comes to the sole, it has been made up of Continental runner so that you can enjoy all the flexibility of the product.

  • TORSION System delivers optimum support for Flat Feet.
  • Continental Rubber for sole flexibility.
  • BOUNCE Padding for extra comfort.
  • Offers great responsiveness.
  • Might collect a lot of debris.
  • Upper has some plastic feels.


2. Adidas Harden Vol 2

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoes


You can also present this model called Harden Vol 2 by adidas to your feet to make them happy. This is stated to be second version of James Harden’s signature line that grabbed much popularity for being the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

The shoes have enough ability to make your feet feel secure and agile. And on the top of that, it also has proven its worth by offering comfort.

Having made up of Forge-fiber material, the upper offers great durability to warrant superior support. Moreover, the pair’s sides having multi-indented surface also manage to impress you by offering plenty of airflow. So, you will find your feet feel cooler and drier.

The lacing patterns have also been intricately colored for better performance with style. Besides, you can also enjoy added lock-down security with its tongue having semi-burrito structure.

The bottom of the shoes also work to improve your flat feet’s performance with covers of technologies incorporated with it.

To add more, you will also find boost cushion that has been added to get you added energy return as well as sufficient responsiveness.

  • Offers security.
  • Helps boost your agility.
  • Great for flat feet.
  • Boost technology for comfort.
  • Comes with a detailed color and surface pattern.
  • Offers immense traction.
  • Feels heavy at the bottom.
  • Collects dirty too easily.


3. Nike Men’s KD 8 Elite

Nike Men’s KD 8 Elite Basketball Shoes


KD 8 happens to be the most favorite pair especially of the flat footers. No wonder why is it called the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

The brand has designed the pair with an integral calf-length sock extension so that it amplify the support that your flat feet require. The best part is the extension feels very light and doesn’t add any weight to the footwear.

It also comes with Flywire technology with Kevlar that deals with securing your feet for consistent lockdown. Not just that, the shoes also have heel counter which has been injected and integrated with the laces for the same security purpose.

Moreover, to offer added support, the brand has used Phylon so it can deliver enough cushioning. Besides, to make the shoe responsive, you will find Zoom air cushioning that does its job greatly to offer extra support to your feet.

The outsole is rubber and it is definitely going to give you some multidirectional tractions that you just wish for.

  • Calf-length sock extension feels light and offers great protection.
  • Ideal for flat feet.
  • Flywire technology and injected heel counter for lockdown.
  • Phylon and Zoom air for better cushioning.
  • Rubber outsole for traction.
  • Some of the users might find it a little tight.


4. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2016

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk basketball Shoes


Hyperdunk, one of the most signatures shoes having revamped in 2016. Being built by Nike, this offers a lot of benefit for flat footers.

If you are someone who is dealing with aches caused by plantar fasciitis, Hyperdaunks can be your best medicine. Because, it comes with the right balance of cushioning that will just help support for feet properly.

Due to its Zoom Air cushioning, not only your feet will get the support you need but also it will respond to all the movements of your feet.

Coming as a high top shoe, the shoe offers ankle protection as well. Not only that, it will also give support to the mid-top area.

The shoe also has rubber outsole that has been designed so it can offer both flexibility and traction. Not just that, you will also love the responsiveness of the shoe as it lets you have a good bounce with the pair.

The adjustable lacing pattern features a wider base and mid-foot shank that also make the shoes ideal for players.

  • Ensures excellent traction pattern.
  • Zoom Air cushioning for better performance and comfort.
  • Great responsiveness.
  • Offers a low-top flexibility and high-top security.
  • Adjustable lacing pattern.
  • Feels stiff on the heel.
  • Too tight to put in and out.


5. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3

Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoes


Just like the other popular brands, Under Armour also has their best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Coming as Stephen Curry’s third signature model, this pair has a combination of performance and durability.

Moreover, the Curry 3 also offers enough ankle support with its Charged Cushioning technology. Speaking more of the tech, it is also stated to be great trait for shock absorption.

When it comes to its traction, the rubber outsole says it all. Not only you can feel the grip on the court, but also can make swift movements with its multidirectional traction pattern.

The pair also features synthetic Threadborone upper that comes with carbon fiber shank so you can enjoy extra stability.

Besides being the best for flat feet, it also makes a great choice for great breathability for its mesh fabric.

  • Ensures great cushioning for support.
  • Traction is amazing.
  • Upper material is great for durability and stability.
  • Feels tight on the heel.


Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis for Women!

6. ASICS Women’s Gel-Noosa Tri 9

ASICS Women's Gel-Noosa Tri 9 Basketball Shoes


You can feel fantastic with this Gel-Noosa Tri 9 model by Asics since it has all the features to be the best in the market. If you are someone who is suffering plantar fasciitis, this pair can come as a great solution.

Having made up of upper, the shoes show a great value. Not only that, you will also love the colorful nature that just makes your feet feel happy.

As for the grip, you have rubber outsole that offers great traction. And to add more, the pair also offers amazing grip for your feet through the heel and tongue of the shoe.

The lightness of the pair can also be one of the reasons to amaze you. And since you have a great grip, you will love the way it will balance your movements as you change your direction.

Cushioning is also there to satisfy you with its Dynamic DuoMax Support System.

And you know the best part? It’s that they have an optional elastic laces with the classic one. So, to have a secure and snug fit, you can use the elastic band other than the traditional laces.

  • Offers Dynamic DuoMax Support System.
  • Optional elastic laces with the traditional for better security and fit.
  • Rubber outsole offers great traction.
  • Feels light to wear.
  • Shoes might feel narrow.


7. ASICS Women’s GEL-Cumulus 16

ASICS Women's GEL-Cumulus 16 Basketball Shoes


This is another pick that you can think of having if you want to get yourself the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Coming from the brand like Asics, this GEL-Cumulus 16, this is a very great pair for those who have flat feet.

Since the upper has been made up of synthetic, you can expect some durability from the shoes.

To add more, the shoes also feature rubber outsole to provide enough traction for better control on the court.

And not just that, you will also find it comfortable with its heel and forefoot Gel cushioning system since it works to offer maximum support.

Speaking more of the cushion, the shoes also have FluidRide midsole cushioning so that you can have a smooth bounce and comfortable flexibility.

However, the big plus is its ComforDry Sockliner, that has odor control feature through which you can keep your feet fresh and dry all the time.

  • Rubber outsole offers enough traction.
  • Cushions your feet greatly with Gel cushioning system.
  • FluidRide midsole cushioning for better bounce.
  • Great for flat feet.
  • Offers enough responsiveness.
  • Might not be true to size.


8. Under Armour Women’s Jet Mid

Under Armour Women's Jet Mid Basketball Shoes


Jet Mid by Under Armour has always been an amazing pair for ankle support. Not only that, you will also find it the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis as well.

Coming in a wider heel base, the pair aims to offer added flexibility and heel stability that you just want on the court.

Moreover, the shoe also combines two of the most durable materials: textile and synthetics that define its value differently.

Besides, the pair is incorporated with a unique kind of insoles that is there to offer great arch support. And for grip and traction, you will find rubber outsole there.

Speaking of the upper, you will love the mesh fabric. Since it will keep your feet dry and cool, you will find more comfort from the shoe.

  • Offers ankle support.
  • Great for plantar fasciitis condition.
  • Rubber outsole offers better traction.
  • Mesh upper for better airflow.
  • Wide heel base for flexibility and stability.
  • A bit pricy.


9. NIKE Women’s Air Force 1 Hi Premium

NIKE Women's Air Force 1 Hi Premium Basketball Shoes


You can show some care for your feet by getting them a pair by Nike that happens to be one of their best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

If you are looking for shoes that will offer outstanding support for high arches, this pair is for you.

Not just that, you will also fall in love with its traction that is provided by its outsole made with special rubber.

When it comes to its fit, the Hi Premium is great for players who have narrow and skinny feet especially. So, if you realize you got such too, then add this to your priority list.

However, the shoes also speak of durability and comfort because of its suede upper. Talking more about comfort, the pair comes with full length Air-Sole unit so it can offer your feet better cushioning and support. Besides, it’s high-cut collar has also been padded to give your feet some flexible ankle support.

And to allow airflow, this will have perforation to give a cool and dry feel on the court.

  • Delivers outstanding support for high arches.
  • Great traction for rubber outsole.
  • Offers enough cushioning for support.
  • Provide enough airflow.
  • Padded high cut collar for more flexibility.
  • Narrow for a wider foot.


10. Nike Womens Dual Fusion Run 2

Nike Womens Dual Fusion Run 2 Basketball Shoes


Chic and cheap- this is what Nike defines about their best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. Having known as Dual Fusion Run 2, this is some that you must have in your collection.

The pair has been designed with light materials that help it absorb heavy impacts, So, the rubber sole will make each of the steps comfortable even for the flat footers.

Moreover, it also comes with a deadly combination of leather and mesh that will give your durability and breathability at the same time.

The Phylon midsole is another smart choice by the brand that guarantees each of your steps to be smooth and comfortable.

However, since it has been designed especially for under-pronators or even for people with normal pronation, you will find it ideal to be used on the court to outshine.

  • Desinged especially for under pronators.
  • Phylon midsole makes the step smooth and comfy.
  • Absorbs shock amazingly.
  • Ensures great cushioning.
  • Offers great breathability.
  • Traction is not up to the mark!


The Buying Guide

Factors to chase down:

Cushioned Outsoles:

Players who deal with plantar fasciitis spend around 4 percent energy on walking. It is because they use more effort into positioning their feet as well as adjusting the steps and strikes so that they can reduce their pain. This later translates to pre-mature exhaustion on the court that will take you to survive the rest of the play.

For this, you will need a pair of shoes that have a responsive and cushioned outsole so that it can help you boost your performance. Not only it will save your energy up and support your feet from heel to toe, but also it will cushion your feet with comfort.

Snug Fit:

This is one of the most essential factors for a pair to perfect. No matter whatever the type of the shoe is, it has to fit well. And of course, it should not be over-tight and loose, it has to be snug fit. Since conditions like plantar fasciitis can be painful while the toes get squeezed together, you will need to get a pair that will offer snug ability as well as enough room in all the crucial areas of the feet.

Speaking more of such trait, you will also need to think about the upper materials of the shoes. You can consider breathable mesh or knot that can be broken in easily so that the shoes can fit your feet ideally with ease. Not just that, you will also have to check out if the shoe has enough space to move the toes around or not.

Removable Insoles:

Finding a pair of basketball shoes that will feature the correct insole topography is rare. Since it helps in giving support to plantar fasciitis, it is important to have such feature. Nonetheless, sole support tends to be the most essential factor and for this you will need to pick a design that will let you change the foot-bed on your own custom insert. With this, you will be able to attain the type of support and comfort you wish for and you don’t even have to compromise fitment.

Flexible Upper:

Shoes with a strengthened upper can limit range of movement. And if you are someone having plantar fasciitis, this kind of upper can trigger much pain since it ends up promoting flawed gait cycles. For this, look for the shoes that feature flexible upper. Because such upper allows for a wider range of movement so that your feet can move independently.

It is also suggested that you grab a pair with zero break-in since it will not let your feet go through stiffer phases. And with this, you will be just left with comfort to feel on the court.


Since you will be spending your buck on basketball shoes for such conditions, it is important that you grab one that will serve you for longer period. And this is the reason why you must consider materials of the product. And by materials, we mean the durability. So, before you buy the shoes, do check the material of it. If you still have questions, then you can check it out How to Choose Basketball Shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Plantar Fasciitis?

A: Plantar fasciitis is a condition that is regarded as the pain and inflammation of the tissue which links the bones of your heels to the toes or you can say plantar fascia. For this condition, you can face ankle or leg ache if you don’t take care of it properly.


  • Sharp pain at your heel.
  • Heel tenderness.
  • Tingling.
  • Inflammation.
  • Burning sensation.
  • Swelling.
  • Ache after prolonged standing.
  • Redness.

If the symptoms get serious, then it is vital to consult a therapist who specializes in tissue, bones or ankle related pains.


  • Continuous pressure at the time of workout: There are some workouts that can result in fasciitis. Such workouts are the ones that continuously emphasized on the heels of the feet like jumping, dancing or running.
  • Excess pressure on heels: Excess pressure on the heels can also be the reason of such condition. Hence, you better avert activities that apply heavy pressure on your heels.

Q: Can you Play Basketball with Plantar Fasciitis?

A: Since plantar fasciitis is one of the most painful conditions, it’s pretty common to ask that whether you can play basketball or not. The good news is: yes, you can!

It’s just you will require to follow a stretching routine by going for consistent cross-fiction massages, icing your foot after every play as well as by taking sufficient amount of rest.

There are many basketball players like Marcus Camby, Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson who kept on playing basketball even after dealing with such condition.

You will just need a proper pair of shoes for basketball that will help you play.

Q: Which Brands have the Best Basketball Shoes for such Condition?

A: There are many brands that have the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis. You can try popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Asics as well as other brands like New balance, Hoka one one or Vans.

Wrap Up!

Lastly we will just say to get yourself a proper pair of basketball shoes so that you can show your value on the court despite the condition like plantar fasciitis. And if your shoes are the reason of your disappointment, then it’s time to keep them aside and look for a pair that will work to benefit you.

Why not check out our Basketball Shoes Review Page where you will find all of our individual shoes reviews!

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