The 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards (2022): Detailed Reviews

Guard or Point Guard is a term that indicates someone who happens to hold the most important position and role on the basketball court. And if you are looking for the best basketball shoes for guards, then this article is definitely for you!

Since such position and playing style requires you to cross the entire court back and forth and make multiple quick movements while leading your team, it is essential that you think about having a right pair of shoes to support you during the play.

And for this, we have come up with the 10 best basketball shoes for guards that will not only boost your performance but will also give you enough confidence the rock the court!
So, let’s begin!

The 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards In 2022 (Detailed Reviews)

Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoes

Adidas Men's Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoe


Meet Harden Vol 2 by Adidas. It is not only the best basketball shoes for guards but also known as the second iteration of James Harden’s signature line.

The pair does scream at all the point guards that they will surely feel secure and agile while wearing it. Not just that, the shoes also boast about its support and comfort.

As for its design, it is something to marvel at! Its upper has been made up of Forge-fiber material so that it can guarantee solid support. The sides of the pair also look impressive for their multi-indented surface that further helps a lot in enhancing ventilation.

Besides, there are arcs going up towards the tongue that complement the design with its intricately painted lacing patterns. Speaking of its tongue, it is stated to come with a semi-burrito structure so you can enjoy enhanced lock-down security.

Underneath the looks of the shoes, there are covers of technology that work for elevating its performance. To increase energy return and efficient responsiveness, the shoes come equipped with boost cushions.
And if you really want to enjoy the highest control of the shoes, then this can be your ideal pick for its upgraded shape and structure.

However, the shoes didn’t get any negative remarks for its performance but you might find it the wrong choice to play on floors with dust and dirt. Because there are some users who slipped down wearing it and griped about it.

Moreover, some of them also mentioned it being heavy at the bottom due to the boost technology. However, that didn’t affect the quality of the pair.

  • Ensure security and safety.
  • Boost your agility.
  • Feels comfortable with its boost technology.
  • Comes with a detailed color and surface pattern.
  • Ensure great control.
  • Not ideal for dirty surfaces.
  • You might feel heavy at the bottom.


Adidas Originals Men’s Crazylight Boost Low

Adidas Originals Men's Crazylight Boost Low Basketball Shoes


This black beast by Adidas happens to be another best basketball shoes for guards that impressed many players with its performance. Being known as Crazylight, this is a pair of perfection.

Coming with a mesh upper, the shoes promise to offer you a stable fit so that you get all the confidence while wearing it during the match.

Although this is a low-top pair, the shoes indeed provide moderate support that other rivals fail to give. And all this is because of its TPU wrap which is short for Thermoplastic Polyurethane wrap. So, it also indicates that the forefoot of the shoes comes locked-in just like the previous pair for better security and feel.

And since this is an Adidas pair, it surely comes with boost cushioning system. And for Crazylight, the brand has placed it all over the foot so you can enjoy extra benefits.

Besides offering forefoot and lateral stability, Crazylight also provides superb grip with its continental rubber outsole. So, you can play the sport smoothly in wet and dry conditions without sacrificing its endurance.

For ensuring an ideal fit, the brand has designed the shoes with molded heel collar piece which is a great perk.

As for its drawbacks, well some people showed their disappointment regarding the fit of the shoes as the size was too narrow for their foot width. Some have also complained about the slippage of the shoes but that’s because of the wet surface. Otherwise, this is a great pair to have.

  • Offers comfort with its boost technology.
  • Enhance your agility.
  • Comes locked-in for better security.
  • Molded heel collar piece to guarantee ideal fit.
  • Great to be used even in wet and dry conditions.
  • Becomes slippery on wet surfaces.
  • Might not fit perfectly for some players wider feet.


Jordan Nike Air XXXI Basketball Shoes

Jordan Nike Air XXXI Basketball Shoes


If we ever talk about basketball shoes then one name certainly pops up on our mind: Jordan. So, if you want to grab the best basketball shoes for the point guards, then Nike Air XXXI makes an ideal choice.

Not only its Zoom Air cushioning offers outstanding shock absorbency but also provides a faster and stronger effect during the game. To add a cherry on top, the Air XXXI also impresses much for being responsive which is a great factor of the pair.

Now let’s have some technical talks. The shoes have been designed with Flight-Speed engineering so it can form an even distribution throughout the length of your foot. Not only that, but its compression powers also deserve immense praise for offering both comfort and great support from the front to the rear.

What more is that it also helps you have greater flexibility with comfort so that it can reduce the chances of injuries and damages. And all it is because of its combination of Flyweave design and synthetic leather heel structure.

Speaking more of its design, the shoes also feature Flywire cables that wrap your mid-foot so it provides a locked-down fit.

And kudos to its rubber soles as well which aren’t only the most solid but also the most grip-oriented and responsive soles that have been made for players.

However, there are many players who felt the shoes quite tight. So, it might run small to the size in your case too. Hence, it is suggested that you give a trial before you get the pair for yourself. Another problem drawback could be its traction which you might not find up to the mark.

  • Zoom Air cushioning for comfort and grip.
  • Ensure responsiveness.
  • Flight-Speed design for even distribution.
  • Compression for better comfort.
  • Flyweave design and synthetic leather heel structure ensure performance.
  • Flywire cables offer better fit.
  • Traction might not be the best.
  • Might run on the small side.


Adidas Men’s Dame 4 Basketball Shoes

Adidas Men's Dame 4 basketball Shoes


Having developed with Damian Lillard, Adidas has grabbed a number of compliments with their Dame 4 shoes. It’s a pair of footwear that promises to be the best basketball shoes for point guards and ensures all the benefits you want.

Being one of the most reasonable options, Dame 4 is a pair of great traction with superb breathability so it can give comfort and ease.

The rubber outsole ensures durability and responsiveness making it an outstanding basketball pair. And its wide enough pattern makes sure that the shoe does not collect too much dust so that you can enjoy more convenience of not wasting your time wiping them.

Coming with BOUNCE cushioning, the Dame 4 guarantees to offer both flexibility and comfort to your movement. Not only that, the cushioning that has been placed close to the floor, also offers responsiveness so that your performance stays sharp.

To add more, the pair also comes with seamless Fused mesh upper that has been engineered just to provide a custom fit so it can get adjusted to every movement easily. And let’s not forget about its neoprene collar and customized lacing pattern that are just there for better lockdown fit.

Speaking of its fit, the size might run on the large side. So, it is recommended that you try out before making a purchase.

Moreover, it is also important to know that this is not a pair to be used on all terrains. There are many players who have marked it inconvenient for gym floors.

  • Reasonable.
  • Wide pattern prevents dust to get gathered up.
  • Ensures durability and responsiveness.
  • Offers flexibility and comfort with Bounce cushioning.
  • Fusedmesh upper for custom fit and easy movement.
  • Customized lacing pattern for better fit.
  • Might run on the large side.
  • Not ideal for gym floors.


Nike Men’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes For Point Guards


Hyperdunk by Nike have been revamped in 2016 so that it can show its capacity to outshine on the court. Although being a signature shoe, it does not have any innovative technology to offer, yet there are some features that made it the best basketball shoes for point guards.

The brand has used a praiseworthy traction pattern that provides durability as well as solidity. As for the rubber outsole, it has been designed to ensure flexibility as well as free movement.

You will find open windows beneath the balls of the foot that you might consider an issue but it’s not. In fact, such feature rather helps the traction be more consistent and grippy.

However, the pair might offer awesome performance when you’re using it on a clear court. But if the surface is dustier, you might not get a remarkable performance. Not only that, but the dusty court might also make you clean the pair more frequently.

That being said, this pair of shoes does wonder and that too with Zoom Air cushioning technology: one in the forefoot and one in the heel. Such a feature does not only make the push-offs fast but also make the landings solid. And this indicates that the pair does not make your feet feel any impact or pain on the back.

Besides, its responsiveness is also amazing as you can jump around on the court easily.

The Hyperdunk features adjustable lacing pattern and it comes with a wider base and mid-foot shank. While it offers low-top flexibility, it gives you all the high-top security.

However, many players found it stiff in the heel. Not just that, some have also felt it too tight to fight its way in and out.

  • Ensures great traction pattern.
  • Offers durability and stability.
  • Zoom Air cushioning technology offers better performance and comfort.
  • Great responsiveness.
  • Adjustable lacing pattern.
  • Offers a low-top flexibility and high-top security.
  • Too tight to put in and out.
  • You might feel it stiff in the heel.


Nike Air Foamposite Pro Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Foamposite Pro Basketball Shoes


Foamposite Pro is a kind of pair by Nike that lets you realize the value of performance and style. So, if you are looking for the best basketball shoes for point guards, this can be your pick.

The Foamposite will not only help you explode to the basket but also get you some great praises at the end of the play.

The best part about the shoes is its comfort. Its Zoom Air cushioning system will not only make you feel comfortable but also will infuse confidence in you.

Coming with superb traction, the pair make use you don’t slip but rather you have all the control over the shoes. And the bonus is that this traction promises to not wear out easily.

Moreover, the shoes have a rubber outsole which offers both responsiveness and durability because of its material.

As for its design, the brand has made it with a solid surface so that it lasts longer. Not just that, the shoes won’t even crinkle because of its solidity.

However, the size of the shoes can be a little problem. Majority of the players stated it to run on the smaller side. So, you already know what you have to do: Exactly, give a trial!

  • Ensures comfort.
  • Comes with great traction.
  • Rubber sole offers responsiveness and durability.
  • Solid structure so the pair won’t crease.
  • Zoom Air cushioning system provides security and comfort.
  • Might run on the small side.


Under Armour Men’s UA Curry 3 Low Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men's UA Curry 3 Low Basketball Shoes


One of the coolest things that ever happened to the Under Armour company is their Curry 3 shoes. Being also known as one of the signature lines of Stephen Curry, this is the best pair you can have.

Coming in low, you will find it lighter than many of its rivals. Its Threadborne upper helps give you a light directional strength so it can give you the greatest support.

Besides, the shoes also feature meta-wing carbon fiber shank. With this, you will get to enjoy locked-in stability throughout the forefoot, arches and heels for better security.

As for its comfort, you will have Anafoam feature that helps offer a custom fit and cozy feel.

You will also love its Charged Cushioning system that is there just to enrich your speed and mobility.

Speaking more of the shoes, the Curry 3 also features Herringbone traction pattern that deals with grips to amplify stability and support. So, all in all, the pair helps make you go to Steph’s level.

When it comes to its design, the shoes have utilized a knit internal sleeve so your feet can feel intact all the time.

You can also enjoy the combination of synthetic textile and rubber sole that boast much about its durability.

However, the only problem with the shoes is its size and fit. While some mentioned about it being narrow, some highlighted that it takes time to break in the shoe.

Having said that, if you really want to have the best basketball shoes for guards, you can think of having it.

  • Threadborne upper ensures great support and strength.
  • Comes with meta-wing carbon fiber shank for better security.
  • Charged Cushioning system for comfort and security.
  • Herringbone traction pattern ensures grip and stability.
  • Offers durability with synthetic textile and rubber sole.
  • Some players might find it narrow.
  • It takes time to break in the shoe.


Nike Men’s Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoes


We talk about Kyrie only when we think of a pair with better performance and style. So if you haven’t seen Nike’s one of the best basketball shoes for guards, then have a look at this!

Kyrie 4 is able to meet your expectation by mixing a bold design with technology that you can expect from a good basketball pair.

The shoes have placed a great focus on feel and fit with the use of an engineered mesh throughout the forefoot so that you can enjoy superior ventilation.

Coming with Flywire cable, the shoes also help in offering added support to get you a better and secured fit.

Not only that, the shoes have also been designed with Zoom Air units so that the pair can offer a smooth bounce after a big jump.

Moreover, you will find a micro-tread patter below the pair that grants you an amazing grip making it a great pair for traction.

The brand has also guaranteed flexibility with zigzag cutouts although the outsoles that further helps in maintaining its lightness.

You can also give credit to the lush suede quarter panel because of which, the shoes let you enjoy greater comfort.

However, the fit is again a problem since many users have found it to run on the small side. But if you try it out before buying it, then you can save yourself from this problem.

  • Great design and looks.
  • Offers feel and fit with mesh design
  • Flywire cable ensures great support
  • Zoom Air for better comfort and smooth jump.
  • Micro-tread patter offers amazing traction.
  • Provides flexibility with zigzag cutouts.
  • Might run smaller.


Under Armour Men’s UA Fireshot Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men's UA Fireshot Basketball Shoes


Fire Shot by Under Armour is a kind of pair that comes as a very reasonable option while you are having a tight budget. Despite being a pocket-friendly pair, the shoes know how to perform well on the court.

If we talk about the look of the Fire Shot, then this earns the highest point. The design and the structure make this pair look quite pricy even if it’s the opposite.

Speaking of its construction, the shoes come with Compfit ankle design so that it can prevent ankle injuries. Not only that, the Fire Shot also helps enrich your movement so that you can outshine on the court with this.

The pair also comes equipped with CompFit tongue that has woven padding into it. With this, the shoes give you a greater comfort to experience.

You will also love the combination of breathable and light materials through which the shoes have been made. So, neither the weight will pull you down, nor it will make your feet sweat. Another big perk is that the pair won’t even get smelly after a longer use.

With Micro G sock-liner, the shoes offer sufficient comfort while the rubber outsole works to give you the best traction.

So, starting from the traction department to its comfort to its design and breathability, the shoes have almost all the things you need.

However, just like most of the shoes, this too has fitment issues. Since many people say that it does not run true to the size, you might need to give a trial for better fit.

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Compfit ankle design for preventing ankle injury.
  • Lightweight so it won’t pull you down.
  • Enough breathable so your feet won’t sweat.
  • Does not become smelly after long use.
  • Offers great traction.
  • Might not run true to your size.


Under Armour Men’s UA ClutchFit Drive 3

Under Armour Men's UA ClutchFit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes


Do you want a pair for yourself that will not only give comfort but also boost your performance on the court? Then why not have this Drive 3 shoes by the Under Armour brand?

Coming with ClutchFit technology, the shoes tend to breathe, support and let your foot stretch with ease as you play so that you can move with poise.

The combination of inter-shank and external heel counter has been provided so that you can get both support and stability from the shoes.

Meanwhile, it features bear trap lacing system that links towards the tongue and locks your foot to the shoe so that you can feel its security and fit.

The shoes have also been comprised of an Achilles pillow that helps a lot in providing extra comfort and padding across the heel section.

As a result, the cushioning system converts the impact into energy that further boosts your performance.

In addition to offering added cushion, the pair also has Micro G foam that lets you have a smooth bounce so that you can rock the court. And not just that, its rubber outsole is also there to facilitate you enjoy its immense traction.

However, to talk about its negative sides, there are basically two. One is that the shoes take time to break in. And the other is that the tongue and laces of the pair are quite long. Apart from these, we didn’t find any noticeable drawback.

  • Inter-shank and exterior heel counter for great stability.
  • ClutchFit Drive 3 technology makes the shoe breathe, support and stretch.
  • Achilles pillow helps cushion the heel segment.
  • Bear trap lacing system for lock-down.
  • Rubber outsole for better traction.
  • The tongue and laces are very long.
  • Takes time to break in.


Point Guard Basketball Shoes Buying Guide:


Basketball is all about slashing, cutting, stopping and it involves other quick moves. So, you must make such kinds of movements without any worry of sliding. This is when traction of the shoe plays a big role on the court.

There are a number of brands that have come up with different patterns of traction so that you can enjoy the maximum amount of grip. However, before you pick for one pattern, you’ll have to think about the depth of your grooves and how far apart they are.

Tight pattern on your soles might make you experience unnecessary pick-up of dust on dirty courts that will lead to the performance reduction of your pair. Although, you can fix this by wiping your shoes but frequent clean up can make the whole process tedious.

In short, this feature can either make or break a pair’s on the court performance. Although it isn’t something noticeable but does have a great effect on how you play the sport.

If you are particularly a guard, then you will surely need a pair that will have fit for absorbing great impacts and better security that will make your feet feel safer by reducing the soreness.

  • Herringbone: This pattern of traction looks like fish skeletons which have been placed alongside to form angular waves so they can cover the whole rubber outsole. Such type is able to support multi-directional movements.
  • Honeycomb: This kind of pattern has been formed from mimicking the incredible uniform hexagons that are created by the bees basically. The brands like Nike provides Honeycomb patterns coming with some hexagons that are stretched horizontally.
  • Power coral: Such kind of pattern might look like a fingerprint or maze but it has been inspired by the patterns of coral species. Because of the tacky grip, power coral is stated to be one of the best patterns for a variety of courts.
  • Squares: This kind of patterns looks like the old checkerboard, although its square like design might resemble diamond. However, the squares in the mid are stretched in this type of traction just like the honeycomb one.


No matter what your playing position is, you must think about the cushioning system of the shoes before making a purchase. Different brands are providing different types of cushioning. Although the intensities may vary, but all the novelties offer nothing but support, lightness, comfort, shock absorption and most importantly responsiveness.

  • Adidas Boost: This kind of cushioning system comes with a combination of soft cushion and greater responsiveness so that it can give you all the performance perks. Generally, it just deals with give and take policy: give your energy, take all the boost.
  • Nike Zoom Air: Image a cushioning that happens to spring back quickly so that you can move quicker: that’s Zoon Air for you by Nike. This cushion system blends pressurized air with internal fiber so it can generate superior responsive cushion system with fast spring back essence.
  • Under Armour Charged Cushioning: Coming with a two-piece system, Charged Cushion pairs a soft and plush layer of foam with a thicker and firmer layer of foam so that the feature can offer both coziness and support.
  • Jordan FlightPlate: This kind of cushioning system comes with double fire-power. It basically helps enrich Nike Zoom Air while having the flight-plate sandwiched beneath the latter system. The pressure of the Flight-Plate off the Air one helps in offering comfort and responsiveness so you can show your performance during the play.


Opting for a pair that will offer greater support is also important. Since basketball involves a lot of different movements, it will need superior support, particularly for your ankles.

Ankle injury is one of the most common damages in this kind of sport. If you want to get the greatest support, then it’s better you avert mid-cut or low-cut pair and go for high-cut design. This will not only restrict ankle movements but also will enhance the ankle support lowering the risk of all kinds of harms. If you struggle with plantar fasciitis, then you can also check this out the 10 best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.


Majority of the basketball footwears are basically made up of leather. It is indeed an extremely long-lasting material but fails to offer lightness. For this, the brands have come up with mixed material shoes to make it perfect. So, you will find the shoe having both leather for abrasion regions and synthetics for superior breathability.

As for the soles, they are basically made up of rubber for offering greater traction. If you get yourself a pair with great tread patterns, then you can enjoy the grip just the way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a point guard?

A: Point Guard is a term that refers to the team leader basically. It is used in Basketball game where point guards lead the players of their team in offense and defense all through the game.

Q: Is it important to have multiple closure options in basketball shoes?

A: Yes, it is indeed important to have multiple closure options. Because this way, the shoes will help lock your feet to the footwear and provide greater flexibility.

Q: How can you get the ideal size for basketball shoes?

A: To get the most suitable sized pair, you will need to measure your foot with Brannoock device. And also, you will need to give a trial before you make a purchase for better fitment.


Being a point guard, you literally have to be quick on your feet. So why would you waste your money on an improper and wrong pair?

There is no doubt that you will need to have a pair that will ensure all the perks that the guards would wish for, and for this, you will really need to pick wisely so that you don’t regret later.

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